Apostolic Church of God

Healing Dunamis Yoga is a Christ-Centered yoga practice that explores breath and movement with poses that strengthen your body and increase flexibility. As you create space in your heart for Christ, peace and stillness enter your body, dissolving any patterns of tension and stress while balance is naturally restored.  Class is suitable for all levels.

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La Fitness

Member of La Fitness? Join Marta for a morning vinyasa flow or evening flow consisting of creative flowing sequences, combining movement with breath, building strength, balance and focus. Classes are suitable for all levels. 

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Timothy Community Corporation

All Levels Slow Flow and Gentle Fusion are creative sequences that include sun salutations, standing poses, and gentle seated poses designed to calm the mind and reduce tension in the body. These poses are intended to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. Classes are suitable for all levels. 

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