Dunamis Yoga

A divine practice that transforms mind, body, and soul.


7 Day Dunamis Re-Set


Re-set your body with an all liquid cleanse, with juice, smoothies and soups.

14 Day Vegan Journey: It's All About that Plant Life


Perfect for those transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. 

28 Day Transformational Cleanse


Four week vegan and raw food cleanse, with one week of juicing. Magnificently transformational.

Individualized Plant-Based Nutritional Coaching


Tailor Made Recipes

Are you on a restricted diet and need recipes tailored around your specific needs?

Personal Classes

I'll teach you how to make the dishes you desire. Have you been curious about specific recipes and how to make them? Let me work with you in your kitchen. 

Meal Prep

Don't have the time or even the desire to make your own dishes? I'll be your personal chef and make them for you.  I can either deliver the prepared meals to your home or prepare them at your home. 

Personal Shopping

Accompany me to the store and I'll teach you the best way to shop on a budget, based on your needs and goals. Learn how to check ingredients, read labels, learn which stores are best for which foods, learn how to check for ripeness with produce, how to wash your produce and other inexpensive tricks and tips. 

Diet Modification

Not ready to go fully raw, vegetarian or vegan? Take small steps to improving your health and wellness, with the mindset of adding healthy choices as opposed to replacing them. 

More Questions?

Call me to discuss your specific needs based on your health and wellness goals. 

Cleanse Journeys


7 Day Dunamis Re-Set

This plan re-sets your body through am all liquid cleanse.  Includes over 75 recipes of juices, smoothies, and soups to choose from; one 30 minute phone coaching session; restorative yoga sequence; and guided meditation practice.


14 Day Vegan Journey: It's All About that Plant Life

A perfect journey for those interested in exploring a plant-based lifestyle. Includes pre-cleanse consultation and health assessment; two 30 minute phone coaching sessions; two weeks of menu planning (both raw and cooked vegan foods); weekly shopping lists; personalized yoga sequence; and guided meditation practice.


28 Day Transformational Cleanse

They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit, so we added in another week for good measure.  This transformational cleanse includes a pre-cleanse personal consultation and health assessment; four week vegan and raw food cleanse, with one week of juicing; four weeks of menu planning; shopping list for each week; personalized yoga sequence, and guided meditation practice.